Open Book Search Tool

Quickly Find Final Test Answers and Easily Pass!

The Open Book Search Tool helps you find answers to final test questions.  
No need to take notes, switch back and forth between web pages, stress about passing, or even study.  It's almost impossible for you to fail!
? Quickly Find Final Test Answers
? Save Time Not Taking Notes
? Easily Pass The Course
? Exclusive Course Feature
How It Works

1. Don't know the answer to a Final Test QuestionJust type a keyword from the question into the Open Book Search Toolbar. 

2. The Search Tool will search the entire course and the keyword you enter will be shown in red along with the paragraph it appears in.

3. Just read through the different paragraphs until you find your answer!


The Open Book Search works on the final test and does not work on quizzes. You don't have to pass quizzes, however, and if you get a quiz question wrong, the correct answer is given to you.